Border Markets

5 border markets of the 7 approved are currently active in: Mirjave, Koohak, Pishin, Jalq and Milak. Border markets of Pasa Bandar, Gamshad and Rimdan are under construction. For the time being, annually a considerable volume of goods is exchanged at Iran-Pakistan border via these markets. The rate of exchanged items between the two neighboring countries within the past 11 months of the current year is as follows:
Exporting different kinds of industrial, agricultural and petroleum products from Zahedan customs: 201,651 tons with a value of 73.5 million dollars
From Mirjave customs: 1814 tons with a value of 23 million dollars,
From kohak market: 6148 tons with a value of 3 million dollars and from Pishin 18634 tons with a value of 3.6million dollars. Importing items including: Chataie rice and other goods rates 167438 tons with a value of 51 million dollars.

Apr 27, 2015 08:52


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